1. I have lost my password. How can I get a new one for my profile?

    When you load www.youthforeurope.eu you will see on the upper-right the login area. At its bottom there is a link for recovering lost passwords. Please, click on it and enter the e-mail address that you have used to register in the database. Your old password will be reset with a new one, which will be sent immediately to this very e-mail address. Please, use it to login to your account to update your profile with a password that you can easily remember.

  2. There are plenty of organizations in the database. How can I make mine more visible?

    There are three ways to make your organization more visible: 1. You can invite your partners to vote for your. This way you will receive an external evaluation of your efforts which can be seen by everyone who visits www.youthforeurope.eu 2. You can become a featured member of the database, which means that if you add a logo and link to www.youthforeurope.eu on your index website to promote us, we will promote you by listing you at the front of the lists. In addition you can also add your logo to our database with a link to your site. 3. When you visit your profile, the database takes note. The more active you are on the website, the better listing you will get. The principle is similar to the ones of the search engines.

  3. What is a featured member of the database?

    A featured member is one that promotes the database on its one website. To become one you should add the logo and link of www.youthforeurope.eu on your index website. Featured members can add their logo with a link to their site in the database and are listed at the top of the directory.

  4. Which promotion strategy is stronger?

    All three ways of bringing visibility to you are complementary. However featured membership has heavier impact, i.e. we list you at the very beginning. Then you can use the activity part to bring you at the top of the other featured members. The ranking is just a way to show how the others value you. So while featured membership and activity are subjective, the ranking is an objective factor.

  5. I would like to get more information for a project. How can I do it?

    All project promoters decide by themselves what to share in the database. Usually this is not detailed information, because it is meant only to raise the initial interest. If you would like to learn more for a project, you will need to write directly to the project promoter. His/her contact details are included in the project description. However to be able to see them you will need to log into your profile.

  6. How can I register a project? Is there a limit?

    There are no limits to the number of projects that a promoter can register on the website. From your profile, you should click on "My projects" link from the menu and simply follow the steps to add a new one.

  7. I have made a mistake when adding a project. How can I correct it?

    From your profile, you should click on "My projects" link from the menu. When you see the list of your projects, on the right there will be "Details" link. Click on it and you see all details of the project. Click on the "Modify" button at the bottom of the details and follow the steps.

  8. How the information for projects is disseminated?

    When a new organization or a group is registered on the website, at the end of the registration process there is a list of the project types within the "Youth in action" programme. The person, who makes the registration, clicks on the ones that he/she is interested in. When such a project is added to the database, an e-mail notification is sent to the e-mail address, used for the registration.

  9. I do not want to receive anymore e-mails. What should I do?

    If you would like to receive no more e-mail notifications, you should simply login to your profile and modify your preferences. Until all boxes sitting in front of the project types section at the end of the profile.

  10. Can I receive a newsletter instead of e-mail notifications for every project?

    Yes, this is possible. You can choose to receive a weekly newsletter from the notification section of your profile. This way you will receive only once a week all projects that might be of interest to you.

  11. I would like to remove all my data from the database. How can I do it?

    In your profile there is a "Disable" button. If you click on it, you will be asked to confirm your willingness to remove all your details from the listing. If you do it, nobody will be able to access your data and your projects afterwards, but you, and you will receive no more e-mails from the website.

  12. I did not find an answer to my question.

    Please, write to [email protected]
    If your question has not been answered on the website, you will receive a personal answer.



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  • Bojana Nikolic
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    Serbia, Belgrade
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  • Association of Youth Workers
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  • Bilgehan Olgun
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  • International cross cultural exchange
    India, Tamilnadu ,chennai
    from: 2016-1-1
    until: 2016-1-1
  • Volunteers for Refugees
    Turkey, Sanliurfa
    from: 2016-5-1
    until: 2016-2-28
  • European Youth Week - NGO Fair
    Bulgaria, Sofia
    from: 2016-1-1
    until: 2016-1-1



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